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Rise Beyond the Reef

Handwoven oversized tote bag

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Wide weave voivoi (pandanus bag). Generous in size for your weekend adventure! Handwoven with a double layer of voivoi and finished with soft, handcrafted leather handles and hand-stitched detailed finishing. 

Approximately 50cm wide x 42cm tall x 12cm depth

(20in wide x 16.5in tall x 5in depth)

About the Artisans & Production Process: 

Coastal partner communities produce handwoven pandanus bags. These bags can be easily stacked for transport on horseback or bundled together for transport by boat. Upon arrival at our office, the handwoven bag inserts are re-shaped, trimmed, and varnished before sewing the hand-cut leather trim with an industrial machine. Through the production of pandanus bags, women learn multi-dimensional weaving techniques providing an opportunity to beginning and mid-skill weavers to access a market for their handwork. The leather work on the handles is done by our Studio Collection team at our office. This provides professional job training opportunities to youth from our rural partner communities, including persons with disabilities.

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