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Matr Boomie

Manami Butter Keeper

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There is no home more beautiful for your butter than this eco-friendly, solid wood butter keeper, exquisitely handcrafted from sustainably harvested mango wood. The art of traditional Indian wood craft requires mastery, passed down thru generations, to perfect these refined carvings and fine finish. This piece is enhanced by an attractive, hand carved, art deco scallop design with white rub finish. Comes complete with a matching butter knife, hand carved from sustainably harvested mango wood. Care and maintenance are easy. Simply wipe clean with a soft cloth and hand dry. Delight your favourite chef or new homeowner by gifting this beautiful home addition.

Dimensions: approx 15cm L, 7.5cm W, 6.3cmH

Matr Boomie is a fair trade collection that blends the traditional artforms of India with timeless and modern design aesthetic, bringing people and cultures closer together. The Matr Boomie collection is made from natural and upcycled materials that are sourced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. 

Fair Trade is more than just trading:

It is a vision of business and trade that put people and planet before profit

It fights poverty, climate change, gender inequality and injustice

Is a proof of concept that showcases the enterprise models of the new economy