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Single colour, single strand beads

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Each of these unique African necklaces are approximately 100cm long and can be worn long or wrapped twice around the neck, making them the perfect versatile accessory. Hand-made from medium sized beads by the women artisans in Uganda, each is made of beads formed from triangles of magazine pages rolled up and lacquered, then combined with glass seed beads into these beautiful pieces.

AfriBeads partners with a group of Ugandan women, the AfriBeads Women's Association, to provide a market for the beautiful recycled beads and home wares they produce. By helping the mothers, it is possible for their children to be fed, educated, and cared for and for them to work towards a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous society.

Fair Trade is more than just trading:

It is a vision of business and trade that put people and planet before profit

It fights poverty, climate change, gender inequality and injustice

Is a proof of concept that showcases the enterprise models of the new economy