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Knitted animals

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Beautifully hand knitted animals from Zimbabwe. Each animal comes with a swing tag to tell you their name and the lovely lady they were knitted by. No two knitted animals are the same.

Kalahari - Gogo Olive

Gogo is the shona word for Grandmother, but she doesn’t need to actually be related to you, anyone can be your Gogo!

Gogo Olive was set up in late 2008 as a response to the huge unemployment problem in Zimbabwe (it currently stands at around 97%), at a time when conditions in the country were particularly difficult. As well as creating employment for local women the aim was to give them hope as they have the opportunity to use their craft skills to build a future for themselves and their families.

Fair Trade is more than just trading:

It is a vision of business and trade that put people and planet before profit

It fights poverty, climate change, gender inequality and injustice

Is a proof of concept that showcases the enterprise models of the new economy