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Util Hogla Table Baskets, Upcycled Denim Handles, Set of 3

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This is a nifty set of 3 nested natural hogla table baskets, handwoven and crafted with upcycled denim handles by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh. Use on the table, in bathrooms - wherever you need a compact basket.

A little bit about Hogla - The Sundardbans is a tidal halophytic mangrove forest located in the southwestern part of Bangladesh. Hogla is a local bush-like small plant in Bangladesh and often found along the Sundarbans banks of rivers and canals.

Sometimes known as Seagrass, it is a beautiful red-brown colour and is actually a freshwater plant.

Set of 3
Natural hogla, upcycled denim fabric.
W=37 L=27 H=14; W=30 L=23 H=12; W=25 L=18 H=9cm
Fair Trade Bangladesh

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